Session 6A Track 1

Agenda for the session 6A, track 1

Time:Wednesday 2nd September, 14:00 Р16:00 CEST; Location: LMU main building, room E004; Chair: David Wallom

Papers in the session

Chris Smowton, Georgiana Copil, Hong-Linh Truong, Crispin Miller and Wei Xing. “Genome Analysis in a Dynamically Scaled Hybrid Cloud” (slides)
Kyle Chard, Jim Pruyne, Ben Blaiszik, Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Steven Tuecke and Ian Foster. “Globus Data Publication as a Service: Lowering Barriers to Reproducible Science” (slides)
Torbj√∂rn Nordling, Narendra Padhan, Sven Nelander and Lena Claesson-Welsh “Identification of biomarkers and signatures in protein data” (slides)
Ketan Maheshwari, Justin Wozniak, Timothy Armstrong, Daniel S. Katz, T. Andrew Binkowski, Xiaoliang Zhong, Olle Heinonen, Dmitry Karpeyev and Michael Wilde. “Porting Ordinary Applications to Blue Gene/Q Supercomputers” (slides)
Kristopher Zarns, Travis Desell, Sergei Nechaev and Archana Dhasarathy. “Searching the Human Genome for Snail and Slug With DNA@Home” (slides)