Session 5B Track 1

Agenda for the session 5B, track 1

Time:Wednesday 2nd September, 10:40 – 12:30 CEST; Location: LMU main building, room E004; Chair: Daniel S. Katz

Papers in the session

Rudolf Mayer and Andreas Rauber. “A quantitative study on the re-executability of publicly shared scientific Workflows” (slides)
Kary Ocaña, Daniel de Oliveira, Vítor Silva and Marta Mattoso. “Data Analytics in Bioinformatics: Data Science in Practice for Genomics Analysis Workflows”
Nicholas Hazekamp, Joseph Sarro, Olivia Choudhury, Sandra Gesing, Scott Emrich and Douglas Thain. “Scaling Up Bioinformatics Workflows with Dynamic Job Expansion: A Case Study Using Galaxy and Makeflow” (slides)
Zaoxing Liu, Nikita Ivkin, Lin Yang, Mark Neyrinck, Gerard Lemson, Alexander Szalay, Vladimir Braverman, Tamas Budavari, Randal Burns and Xin Wang. “Streaming Algorithms for Halo Finders” (slides)