Session 4C (poster session)

Agenda for the session 4C

Time:Tuesday 1st September, 17:45 – CEST; Location: LMU main building, registration desk area; Chair: TBD

Posters in the session

Peter Krauß, Tobias Kurze and Achim Streit. “A Framework for distributed, self-organizing, continuous and topology-aware IaaS cloud benchmarking with super-peer networks.”
Yu Fang, Kosuke Sugano, Kenta Oku and Kyoji Kawagoe. “Applying a Multi-dimensional Time-Series Similarity Method to Typhoon-track Prediction”
Smruti Padhy, Edgar Black, Betsy Cowdery, Liana Diesendruck, Michael Dietze, Greg Jansen, Rob Kooper, Praveen Kumar, Jong Lee, Rui Lui, Richard Marciano, Luigi Marini, Dave Mattson, Barbara Minsker, Chris Navarro, Ankit Rai, Marcus Slavenas, William Sullivan, Jason Votava, Qina Yan, Inna Zharnitsky and Kenton McHenry. “Autocuration Cyberinfrastructure for Scientific Discovery and Preservation”
Federica Moscato, Cristina Leto and Paolo Giommi. “Building an institution digital repository: the ASI Science Data Center Bibliography Tool”
Manuel Herrera, Carlos Martinez-Ortiz, Patricia Carvalho-Lobato and Maria-Cristina Manzanares-Cespedes. “Classifying bone trabecular volumes using 3D shape descriptors”
Rainer Schmidt, Matthias Rella and Sven Schlarb. “Constructing Scalable Data-Flows on Hadoop with Legacy Components”
Felix Shaw, Anthony Etuk, Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran, Alfie Abdul-Rahman, Vicky Schneider, Susanna-Assunta Sansone, Robert Davey, Phillipe Rocca-Serra and Ruth Bastow. “COPO – Bridging the Gap from Data to Publication in Plant Science”
Takanori Tanaka, Daisuke Kitao, Yuka Sato, Yoshimasa Tanaka and Daisuke Ikeda “Forecasting Aurora Substorms from Observed Data with a Supervised Learning Algorithm”
Vitalian Danciu “Presenting the cloud as files and directories”
Stefan Pröell, Rudolf Mayer and Andreas Rauber “Data Access and Reproducibility in Privacy Sensitive eScience Domains”
Peter Krauss, Tobias Kurze and Achim Streit “CloudBench — A Framework for Distributed, Self-organizing, Continuous and Topology-aware IaaS Cloud Benchmarking with Super-peer Networks”
Pavel A. Smirnov and Sergey V. Ivanov “Computer-Assisted Workflow Composition Based on Virtual Simulation Objects Technology”
Krishna Madhavan, Daniel F. Mejia, Hanjun Xian, Lynn K. Zentner, Victoria A. Farnsworth, Swaroop Samek and Gerhard Klimeck “Interactive Analytic Systems for Understanding the Scholarly Impact of Large-Scale E-science Cyberenvironments”
Zeqian Meng, John Brooke “Negotiation Protocol for Agile and Reliable E-science Collaboration”
Carlos Martinez-Ortiz, Lora Aroyo, Oana Inel, Stavros Champilomatis, Anca Dumitrache and Benjamin Timmermans “Provenance-driven Representation of Crowdsourcing Data for Efficient Data Analysis”
Lasse Wollatz, Simon Cox and Steven Johnston “Web-Based Manipulation of Multiresolution Micro-CT Images”