Session 3B Track 2

Agenda for the session 3B, track 2

Time:Tuesday 1st September, 11:00 – 12:30 CEST; Location: LMU main building, room A021; Chair:┬áIngela Nystr├Âm

Papers in the session

Kyle Goehner, Travis Desell, Susan Ellis-Felege, Rebecca Eckroad, Leila Mohsenian, Paul Burr, Nicholas Caswell and Alicia Andes. “A Comparison of Background Subtraction Algorithms for Detecting Avian Nesting Events in Uncontrolled Outdoor Video” (slides)
Hrachya Astsatryan, Zaruhi Petrosyan, Rita Abrahamyan, Anna Shahnazaryan, Vladimir Sahakyan, Yuri Shoukourian, Hamlet Melkonyan and Vassiliki Kotroni “WRF-ARWModel for the Prediction of High Temperatures in South and South East Regions of Armenia” (slides)