The following workshops will be arranged as part of the IEEE eScience 2015 official programme (3rd and 4th September 2015):



1st International Workshop on Interoperable infrastructures for interdisciplinary big data sciences (IT4RIs 15)
3rd September 2015

From the Workshop homepage:

Research infrastructures are expected to become important pillars not only for supporting their own communities, but also for inter-disciplinary research. This requires policies, models and e-infrastructure to optimize technological implementation, define workflows, and ensure coordination, harmonization, integration and interoperability of data, applications and other services between research infrastructure initiatives in the specific thematic area.

Please see the workshop homepage for more information (call for papers, programme committee,…).


1st Workshop on E-science ReseaRch leading tO negative Results
3rd September 2015

From the Workshop homepage:

The ERROR workshop aims at providing a forum for researchers who have invested significant efforts in a piece of work that failed to bear the desired fruit. The workshop will provide the community a dedicated and active forum for exchanging cross-discipline experiences in research leading to negative results. The focus is on various aspects of negative results, such as premises and assumptions made, divergence between expected and actual outcomes, possible causes and remedial actions to avoid or prevent such situations, and possible course corrections.

Please see the agenda or the workshop homepage for more information (call for papers, programme committee,…).


Third plenary meeting of PLAN-E
3rd and 4th September 2015

From the PLAN-E website:

PLAN-E is a new Platform of National eScience/Data Research Centers in Europe. The Platform unites the efforts of escience and data research groups across Europe in order to strengthen the European position in the escience and data research domain.

The draft programme is also available.