Guest blog: Fourth paradigm or not, we join forces: the PLAN-E workshop

Written by Patrick Aerts, the organizer of the PLAN-E meetings at the 11th IEEE International Conference on eScience. Patrick Aerts works at the Netherlands eScience Center (NLeSC) on Strategic Alliances and with other parties on Data Stewardship and Software Sustainability policies.

While universities and national governments are setting up escience centers and data science centers, we are combining their forces into a solid Platform of eScience/Data Research Centers in Europe (PLAN-E). The newly set up centers and the focal shifts in existing support centers share much common interests and common challenges. PLAN-E identifies these interests and addresses these challenges. In its third plenary meeting, hosted by the German membership of PLAN-E at the IEEE eScience conference, the lecture themes will address a manifold of escience topics, while the two workshops address the topics of knowledge exchange and data stewardship and software sustainability.

Of course we discuss matters like the 4th paradigm in science and the status of eScience as a discipline. But rather than diving into semantics or philosophy PLAN-E does things, by being practical and pragmatic to achieve real and feasible goals.

eScience/Data Research Centers from about 20 European countries support PLAN-E and it is still growing. The basis for PLAN-E are the terms of reference and its portfolio of activities is annually redefined by action plans.

We welcome you to join our open workshop sessions on Thursday.